Warwick Buzzard LTD 2003 and Buzzard Bolt-on Basses
- from NAMM 2003 in Anaheim, CA by Vinnie Simonette

I had the pleasure of visiting NAMM 2003 this time around. One of the biggest highlights was first seeing the Warwick/DBG booth and then to my surprise, BUZZARDS !!!!!

I've been dreaming of owning a Buzzard ever since I saw The Who on the 25th Anniv. tour here in D.C. as well as reading about the massive Entwistle rig and unique basses in Guitar World that same year. From there, I saw an old Warwick catalog with an enormous photo of John and his black Buzzard on the last page. How cool would it be to own one though they had been discontinued for some time.


Back to NAMM '03: I began to speak with Dana B. about the release of these basses once again and that I had heard there were some legal issues. Dana proceeds to introduce me to the man behind Warwick and the Buzzard, Mr. Hans Peter Wilfer, to correct what I had heard and assumed.

Hans proceeded to tell me all about the latest release of


the Warwick Buzzard and that it will not be a "signature" bass but a full production version spec'd the same as what was designed by Hans and John together. In addition to the production of the neck-through 4 string models with the classic beak headstock, 2 other "bolt-on" models will be produced in 4 and 5 string. Finally left handed models will be included as well!

Hans told me at one time that he was "running basses for John" I would gather in a live tech atmosphere. I was unaware of this and was quite interested to hear any stories he might have. One he told me involved the implementation of the monkey or pistol grip on the lower horn. Hans explained that due to the unique body style, he found it easier to handle these basses back and forth if a grip was designed. From there it remained a distinctive addition to the uniqueness of the Buzzard design.

Hans was flat-out one of the nicest luthier/designers I have ever met and a real pleasure to speak to. I much appreciate the time I was able to spend with him at NAMM. -VAS

Buzzard LTD 2003

The Buzzard LTD 2003 series most closely matches the versions that John Entwistle played. For more information and technical specifications, click here.

Buzzard Bolt-on 4 & 5 strings Buzzard LTD body close up.