The Buzzard Bass Guitar Stand

The Buzzard Bass Stand
Scott Hommel's Warwick 2003 LTD #24 on the
Buzzard Bass stand.

To my knowledge, there is not a company in existence that makes a stand that will facilitate the Buzzard I bass.
Because of the shear length of the Buzzard I, the upper wing of the guitar will hit the ground.  So if you try to use a conventional or generic guitar or bass stand to hold the Buzzard I, the wing will cause the Buzzard to rest in an unsafe position.

As the saying goes, "Necessity is the mother of invention", my wife and I have invented and constructed a sturdy, stable, heavy-duty stand for the Buzzard I.  I built my first Buzzard stand in 2001 and I have been using it ever since.  I have played numerous gigs with it on numerous different types of stages.  It's extremely road worthy and the stand has never collapsed or fallen.

The stand is a 3-legged tripod configuration made of steel for a body, rubber feet and protective foam.  It has a metal chain that keeps the middle (back) leg taught, and a guitar headstock holder at the top.  The headstock holder and the legs are covered with a cushiony foam so that the only contact the Buzzard I has with the stand is foam.

Additionally, this stand will hold most any other regular guitar or bass who's headstock can hang by the hook.

If you are interested in owning the only custom made Buzzard I stand, please e-mail me.

Check out some great pics from a satisfied Buzzard stand owner!

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Brad Sims bought a Buzzard stand for his Alembic Spyder bass.  Check out his review of the stand and his pics!

"After spending a small fortune on a new Alembic, I was distressed to find that even the "newest and greatest" stands being mass-produced were either too short to hold my bass or didn't fit because my bass has an unorthodox bodystyle.  The Buzzard Stand is the trick though.  It holds my bass securely and is very stable.  Best of all, it is tall enough to keep my baby's bottom off the floor.  I looked around and found nothing that compares to the Buzzard Stand.  Thanks Tim."
Brad Sims
Charleston, WV

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