Proud Buzzard Owners

Walter Moyer shows off his brand new Warwick Buzzard LTD reissue.
Note that the headstock is NOT SIGNED by Hans Peter Wilfer of Warwick, which is a mix up at the company.
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Freddie Lamour shows off his very unique Modulus Buzzard.
According to Freddie, there were only two emerald-green Modulus Buzzards made.  John Entwistle made the remark to Freddie that he decided not to own the one Freddie owns because of a slope between the beginning of the fret board and the body.  Which is John's loss and Freddie's gain!
Click HERE to view Freddie in action with this rare bass.
Incidently, check out the Fan Foto section of John Entwistle's site for a picture of Freddie with John and the Modulus Buzzard.

Jakub Kujawa sent in this pic of a bass owned by Novy of the Polish band, Devilyn.

Bobby Devlin has a Warwick Zebrano Buzzard #075 (198K), and HERE'S a shot of the bass in action.

Mark Holman designed and built his own Buzzard bass!  (246K) / (116K)

Les Chambers and his black Warwick Buzzard signed by the man himself.  (230K)

Woody shows off his Status Graphite Buzzard, blue LED's, autographed by the man himself!
For his pics, click HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE & HERE.

Shameless Self Promotion: My web site was mentioned in the September 2002 issue of Bass Player Magazine.
Here's the magazine cover and article about John's basses and guitars.

Blair Gray shows of a rare version of the Warwick Buzzard.  It is entirely graphite composite, no serial number or name on the bass except on the back of the electronics cover.  It has a hip-shot D-tuner, gold hardware and mother of pearl inlays.  Blair had John sign the headstock and wrote "Boris the Spider" under his name.
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As it turns out, his bass was probably once owned by John Entwistle himself.  Here's what a Warwick representative had to say to Blair about the bass.

"If you look at the headstock it is a dead giveaway that this is one of the early prototypes.  The headstock of the production models is much smaller. Also take a look at the pickup holes; notice that they are uneven.  This means they are hand routed, not machine routed.  This was done on the prototypes only.  The fact that it has no serial number or logos also substantiates this.  What’s really interesting is the strings that were on the bass when you got it.  It is quite possible that this was one of John’s basses, seeing as he started putting these gold strings on his basses once we had completed the design.  So I would say you have a rare find here.  Even if it weren’t one of John’s, it’s value is still quite high due to it definitely being one of the buzzard prototypes, but I do believe, due to the string thing, that it was either supposed to be one of John’s that he never took possession of or it was in his collection.  You found a rare one here."

Paul Needs is a proud owner of a Warwick 2003 Ltd Buzzard bass, s/n 005.  Check out his pics HEREHERE & HERE.

John dressed up in full costume on Halloween 2003 to play a gig with his Warwick Buzzard HERE.

Roger had Alembic build him a custom made Buzzard bass!  It's amazing!  Check out Alembic's custom page HERE.

Oliver Baumann had Alembic build him a custom made Spyder bass, very similar to the design made for John Entwistle.  I know, this isn't a Buzzard bass.  But I think we're all John Entwistle enthusiasts in general.  HERE is a pic of him with the Spyder bass.  I'm so jealous!!  This 4-string version is a limited edition of 50.  He is also having Alembic build him the same bass but the 8-string version, limited edition of 25.  There are a few minor differences between these and John's original versions.

These have the highly flame maple top instead of the birdseye maple top.
The fingerboard has a radius of 12 rather than flat.
These have 20th anniversary electronics (2xvol,2xfilter,2xQ-switch, pickupselector, stereo switch, side LED´s).
The fingerboard inlays are ovals instead of the silver gothic script.
The body shape is slightly different, but most can't notice.

It's still pretty outstanding to me!  Here are some pics of the 4-string and the 8-string versions.

#1, #2, #3, #4, #5 & #6.

Here's a pic of his collection, and a pic of his new Buzzard II.  His Buzzard II is also featured on the Status Graphite web site.

#1 & #2.

Here's a couple of pics of Oliver's Alembic Dragon Wing, nicknamed "Tears for John". #1 & #2.
Oliver - "It already has its nickname gotten from the Alembic forum: TEARS FOR JOHN The bass is already well known with this name on the net; someone wrote that the eyes of the birds eye maple remind of tears, tears for John. Some background: the Dragon Wing was the last Alembic bass that John already had ordered with Alembic. Short before his death he had went to Alembic to have him built again a wooden bass but as you know he never received it. Totally there are around 10 DWŽs built at the moment, with mine being a one off custom. I ordered it close to Johns original Spyder specs with a walnut core and bird's eye maple top and back, a Spyder dimension neck, custom 20th anniversary electronics and a custom pu selector and master volume on the front horn.

You can also check out Oliver's Tribute Who band

Oliver also purchased a used B-1 from another fellow Buzzard enthusiast pictured HERE.

Irwin is a proud owner of a Status Graphite Buzzard bass once owned by John Entwistle.  It has all chrome hardware.  This one was used on the Walking Down Abby Road tour.

Click HERE to see it.

Colin Price, in Wales UK, shows off his Warwick bolt-on Nirvana black Buzzard HERE and HERE.

Roger Smith is very pleased with his new Status Buzzard, and says it plays better than his Alembic!
(Note the gold D-tuner)

James Atkin rocks out with his Buzzard that he obtained from Colin Price as mentioned above.

James LoMenzo, the current bass player for Black Label Society, is a big Buzzard fan.  Check out his concert pics here!
#1, #2 & #3.

And remember the Warwick Buzzard that graces the cover of John Entwistle's book, Bass Culture?
Here's James posing with it!

Daniel submitted shots of his Warwick Buzzard.
#1, #2, #3, #4 & #5.

Lakland Fenderbird

John sent in these pics of the only known existing Fenderbird made by Lakland.  Lakland was preparing for John Entwistle's approval for the bass when Entwistle suddenly passed.  The project has since been canceled.

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Buzzard 1 8-String

Get ready to reel in your tongue after seeing these pics of Roger Smith's 8-string bass.  This bass is probably the last 8-string Rob Green of Status Graphite will ever make commercially.

#1, #2 & #3.

Robert Elmore

Robert shows off his Buzzard Warwick reissue 5-string.  He uses it with his Who cover band.

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Alan Hassan

Alan shows off his 4-string Warick bolt-on with a custom neck.
"My Buzzard actually started as a Warwick fretless with a bolt-on neck. I had local luthier Jamie Goodman take the instrument and create a custom neck and headstock modeled after the radius/profile of the original." "The new neck is Ovangkol with an Ebony board and brass bell frets. The Headstock is made of several pieces of Ovangkol with an Ebony pegface and Hipshot UL machines." "The Buzzard design is amazing. This instrument practically plays itself. I feel very proud to own one of these fine instruments, they are works of art." Alan Hassan -Bass player Southern Rock band "Southern Sack"

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Alois Plaetzer

Alois shows off his Status Buzzard 1 and case.

#1, #2 & #3.

Sébastien Maltais

Sébastien shows off his Warwick 5-string bolt on Buzzard while playing with his band, Fearvisions!

Andy Tunstall

Andy has a Warwick Buzzard previously owned by John Entwistle's son, Chris, as well as a Trace Elliot amp previously owned by John!
Here's his PIC and info:

"Serial number 2005/084 and allegedly owned by John's son Chris - a fact I'm trying to check with Warwick. It's certainly signed by Hans Peter! I use it in the UK Who Tribute Band Who Are You as opposed to Who Are Here's it in action at a gig in September in Reading UK, played through a classic Trace Elliot GP12SMX preamp and RA500 head (apparently also possible owned by JE as he bought loads of them!) TE 4x10 and 1x15 it sounds pretty good! Cheers AT Who are You"


Glen had his own version of a 5-string Buzzard Bass built.  Pretty amazing!

#1, #2, #3 & #4.

Mark Hostler

Mark and his father built the BEST BUZZARD BASS ON EARTH!  Here's what Mark had to say about it...

"Hello there my name is Mark Hostler, and i am a huge fan of John Entwistle. whilst looking for pictures of john i found one on your site of his Status Buzzard Bass, and i was immediately hooked. since then, the buzard shape has been my favorite bass of all time, and your site was the top of my favorites list from then on. a couple of months ago i decided it was time to stop dreaming and take action, and so i drew up plans and began designing my own Buzzard bass. since then, me and my dad (an accomplished carpenter) have been crafting away my dream bass, which i recently completed. i am writing to sincerely thank you as your website was agreat help in its design and construction, and i would very much like to share it with the world. :) attatched are some pictures of my bass, and i was wondering if you could put them on the "proud buzzard owners" page of your website, as i think i may be the proudest of all. i hope it isn't too much trouble yours, Mark Hostler"

You bet I will!!!

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Gareth was able to procure one of John Entwistle's Status Graphite Buzzard basses from a previous owner.  Gareth says...

"...the last remaining B1 of The Ox's that can be played and isn't up on display somewhere is back in merry old England with me! I feel honoured and extremely lucky to have it. It will be cherished and loved and more importantly - played - just as I think John would have wanted. And I firmly believe that I am passing through it's life not the other way around!"

Congratulations Gareth!

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Craig Riech

Craig shows off his vintage Warwick Buzzard that was once purchased from the Bass Centre in Los Angeles back in the late 1980's.  Serial number is 48 over 86.

The first picture is a newspaper article featuring this bass being held to John Entwistle's left side.

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