The Warwick Buzzard Reissue and
Licensing with the Entwistle Estate


Much has been said on the Internet about the licensing agreement between the Entwistle estate and Hans Peter Wilfer of Warwick.  So I hope this page will finally set the record straight on exactly how it was decided that Warwick would retain the licensing and rights to produce the Buzzard reissues.

This information came to me as an e-mail copy from Wilfer, who took the time to explain the situation.

Hans Peter Wilfer - "Today, Warwick owns officially the rights to produce the Buzzard Bass only because I could prove, in front of a judge, that I made 80 of all the design aspects and not John himself.  This was just a question after John Entwistle passed away and his son, Chris Entwistle, tried to stop us.  So, the judge agreed that the bass was designed by my self.  Not either Modulous or even Status produce the bass at all because we gave them notices that we will not accept it anymore."